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Savvy Grocery Shopping Part I - How To Shop So You Don't Wind Up Getting Takeout Or Ordering In

This is an endless point of consternation for so may people. I asked a Life Coach colleague of mine what she hears the most as far as people's challenges to eat healthy and stay on track where food and meals are concerned. Her speedy reply was that grocery shopping was one of the major sticking points. Maybe because of her niche, which is working with Entrepreneur Moms, that she deals with so many people struggling in this area. I know the feeling, as an entrepreneur soccer mom myself, I know it can be a daunting task to put dinner on the table, let alone a healthy one, without the right stuff in the cupboards and fridge!

So, in the spirit of rescuing the tired over worked mom or dad, entrepreneur or not, here are some tips and techniques to use to master this part of your life.

Keep on hand enough variety that you can pick and choose according to what you feel like eating. Things like pasta, canned beans, artichoke hearts, canned salmon, marinara, taco fixings, rice and lentils, soups, eggs, cheese, frozen meats and vegetables, etc. will save you in a pinch.Takeout Times

Make sure you always have vegetables on hand. Even if you wind up making a frozen pizza or pasta, adding a robust salad or a cooked vegetable will make it a balanced meal. You can add chopped raw broccoli, shredded carrots, canned beans, or whatever you have to fill out a salad. You can also cook fresh vegetables (or frozen) in just a few minutes.
Shop with a list. One kind of list is things you know you need. Make another special list of meal ideas that are good in a pinch. Come up with 5-10 different ideas that appeal to you and include ingredients that are non-perishables. For example; Salsa Chicken And Rice. The ingredients are: chicken, which can be bought in individual packs and frozen for up to 9 months, jarred salsa, seasoning, canned beans, and rice. All are Items that will be ready for use in a week or 6 months or whenever. All that would be required to round out the meal is a fresh vegetable or salad.
Do this special shopping in a focused methodical way. Pick a day and time when you are not rushed or harried. It only has to be done once in a great while, so it is worth the time to do it right.
Take a minute to plan the night before. As you are cleaning up after dinner is a perfect time. If you decide to make something that requires defrosting, put it in the refrigerator as you are thinking of it. Do you have everything you require or are you missing ingredients? If you can pick up the missing ingredient(s) during the day, great, if not, make another plan.
Have a couple of ready-to-go meals on ice. I prefer homemade options for this. They are way healthier, taste better, and are a better value too. This will enable you, no mater how busy the day has been or how exhausted you are, to just heat and serve. It will keep you on track with your eating plan and your budget!
Keep a magnetic shopping list pad and pen on the fridge. This way when you run out of something you can write it down immediately. Also, it gives other members of the family a way to communicate having used the last of something, or a desire for something specific.
It will only take a little bit of practice for you to get really good at this. Finding a few great from-the-cupboard meal plans will take some thinking and maybe even some trial and error. It is worth it to figure this out, especially if you are Health-Minded. Set a goal and stick to it. You will find that this is pretty simple stuff once you commit to it, and you will be glad you did!

Linda Mechner, founder of Linda Living, is the authority at supporting those who wish to take back control of their health and life. Her celebrated work has created breakthrough results for clients dealing a variety of health challenges including suppressed immune function, allergies, low energy, weight issues, emotional eating, and mood management. Her broad knowledge enables her to assist her clients in discovering and overcoming the root causes of health challenges both large and small.

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