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Organic Cosmetics - The Benefits to Your Skin, Your General Health, and Well Being

Every time you look into the mirror, you find the natural health of your skin deteriorating from problems like aging, acne, blackheads, wrinkles, dark circles etc. The reason is not only the physiological changes in the skin, due to aging, but the harsh chemicals that come in contact with our skin. Certified organic cosmetics can provide safe, healthy solutions and benefits to one's skin.

Our skin, being the largest organ of the body, is very sensitive, very porous (over 70% seepage into the body through the bloodstream), and when it comes in contact with harsh, toxic chemicals, permanent damage can be caused. These chemicals are not always associated with the environment that we live in or the food we eat but, many times, can be directly connected to the cosmetics that we use. These cosmetics, used daily, can be really harsh on our skin as they contain many toxic chemicals that cause permanent damage to the skin's health. Let's be clear. A toxic substance, otherwise known as a toxicant, is defined as a noun and is a "poison or poisonous agent". No one would knowingly consume a poison. Therefore, one must ask why anyone, knowing the ingredients in most cosmetic products are made up of poisons (toxic ingredients or toxicants), would place these on our skin.

Healthy living means that we keep our bodies protected from these harsh chemicals and flush out the ones that have already invaded the internal system of our body. Organic foods are a great way to flush out the harmful chemicals from our body. What about the cosmetics that we apply? Do we have to do away with our favorite talcum powder or deodorant? Well, you do not need to do away with cosmetics as a whole but certainly need to switch over to organic cosmetics. In switching over one must remember to read the labels and do the research. In previous articles we have written about the self-regulated Cosmetic Industry. This allows cosmetic companies to put anything they want on packaging as no one is watching. And, the "green" movement is driving companies to be making claims, like organic and/or natural, and in some cases this is simply disingenuous. So, it is up to you, the consumer, to know what you are looking for to be sure that what you are buying is, in fact, what it claims to be.

Now, one might ask what benefits are there for switching over? Well, there are several benefits and some of them are as follows:fabricant produits cosmétiques bio

a) Organic cosmetics are really good for our skin, our health and general well being. However, to be considered organic they must be prepared from natural ingredients and must not contain any harmful acids or toxic chemicals. Generally speaking, the cosmetics that one uses daily contain very high levels of toxic chemicals and your skin may suffer from various problems if you continue their usage for a long period of time. On the other hand truly organic and/or natural cosmetics are going to provide the right kind of nourishment for your skin without introducing any form of toxic materials into it. So, you could be saved from cancer causing toxic substances like mercury or lead. These chemicals are not only harsh for the skin but if they get into the bloodstream, and they will over time, can cause real damage.

b) Environmentally friendly: these organic cosmetics are considered to be environmentally friendly and, as a result, when used daily, you are not only saving your skin but the environment as well. We all need to protect our earth from getting polluted with environment threatening chemicals like lead, coal tar, aluminum, and mercury, to name a few, and this can be achieved only if we use things, that when disposed, do not cause any environmental hazards. If we care for our environment as we care for our bodies then we must start using these natural products, including cosmetics.

There are many people who feel that these environmentally friendly natural products are not on par with the synthetic ingredients used in cosmetics, but this is simply not true. Truly organic cosmetics produce the same colors and also last for the same period of time on your skin, so there is no reason why these should be considered poor cosmetics. However, once again, before one purchases these cosmetic products, one should always check the label and find out whether or not it really contains organic ingredients. Admittedly, some of these listed ingredients one would need to be a scientist to understand. Do not let this deter you from researching the ingredient. Remember the Cosmetic Industry will do anything to thwart you from discovering what is actually in these products. In it is not in their best interest for you to change brands, so do your homework and save being given a synthetic cosmetic, filled with poisons (toxicants), in the name of a natural and/or organic cosmetic.

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