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2 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Health

We are all looking for ways to improve our health. We live in a busy society and let's face it, we would like to find ways to improve our health in the quickest, easiest ways. Here are two easy ways to improve your health today.

  1. Use an ORAC Chart to Find the Healthiest Foods For Your Body

What is an ORAC chart? ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. ORAC is a method of measuring how many antioxidants a specific food has. The higher the ORAC value, the more antioxidants the food has. Our bodies age through the process of oxidation. Oxidation happens when oxygen interacts with a particular substance and in the process loses electrons. In simplest terms, that means our bodies are suffering damage. An example of oxidation would be a sliced apple turning brown.

Squeeze a little lemon juice on the apple, and the lemon juice, containing antioxidants, will protect the apple from browning. So where is the quick and easy method here? The quickest way to improve your health is to choose the foods that contain the most antioxidants, to protect your body from free radicals that lead to disease. An ORAC chart will tell you which foods have the highest antioxidant value. Yes, you should eat a variety of different fruits and vegetables, but wouldn't it help if you knew which foods had the most health benefits?vergleichen

  1. Buy Organic Foods

Now that you have your list of healthy foods, you can get out your shopping bag and start to buy foods that will improve your health. But wait....there are a few things you should know first. There are over 3,000 high-risk toxins in the U.S. food supply. That may be astonishing but it's true. Several hundred different chemicals and several thousand pesticides are legally used in commercial food production, under the U.S. Act of 1992. Many of those pesticides are cancer causing agents. Organic foods are free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Organic food is produced by farmers who follow strict guidelines. Before a product can be labeled "organic" a government approved certifier inspects the farm where the food is grown to ensure that the farmer meets USDA standards.

So, seriously consider buying organic foods to protect your body from cancer causing agents. Where can you buy organic foods? Look for local farmer's markets. Many vendors of farmer's markets sell organic foods. Others are not certified organic, but they are in the process of being certified, which means they aren't using pesticides and chemicals but they are waiting to be government approved. Many health food stores sell organic products and most grocery stores are beginning to sell organic fruits and vegetables.

Now that you have two quick and easy ways to improve your health you will be on your way to a healthier life! Find an ORAC Chart and start putting organic foods in your shopping bag.

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