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Medical Books on a Budget

So, you've got into medical school (hurray!) and you get to your first lecture. Somewhere during the course of that lecture, you'll receive a reading list, with tens or hundreds of medical books recommended to you for that course. You'll probably find three or four or more are highly recommended by your tutor. And some of these books are expensive!

You get to your next lecture, and the same happens! During your first week you get a handful of these reading lists, and you work out that if you buy all of these books, you'll have spent your whole year's budget in the first term. Uh-oh. Are you going to fail medical school because you can't buy all the books you're going to need? No! Follow our tips below to get through medical school without the stress:

Research your purchases: and not just reading the author's blurb! there are lots of reader reviews available on the internet, and
Get thee to a library: not sure if you are going to like the author's style? the images? not sure if it is the right level for you? While you might not be able to study happily in a library, they are a good place to go to check out what books you want to buy before spending your cash. Take a notebook and make notes about each book.
Prioritise your purchases: make a wish-list and add it up! If it comes to more than your budget, you need to do some pruning. A good rule is to make sure you have at least one or two titles in each subject area. If you have some budget left over once you've got this covered, spend it equally amongst the books focusing on large subjects (such as anatomy)
Share books with a friend: by spending your budgets on different titles, you'll have double the library at your disposal! Just make sure it's a friend you get on well with, and that you trust him or her to be flexible about when you both use your textbooks online pdf

Sell your second hand books: either at the university (there might be a noticeboard for the use of students) or online. You probably can't expect to make more than a half of the original price, but if you are done with the book it is still cash to invest in something new.
Look out for special offers: you often can get up to 50% off medical books online, especially when a new edition is coming out.

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